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Mud Containment System

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Drilltech GroupM-2000™
Drilltech's latest pneumatic mud containment technology enhanced offers safety on the rig, environmental protection and cost savings with 100% retention of drilling fluids.

Drilltech GroupKey Features:
  • The M-2000™ is compact and weighs less than 250kg allowing easy maneuverability around the rig floor.
  • Better retention of expensive drilling fluids results in significant cost savings.
  • Pneumatically operated, this bucket offers a range of improved safety and operational features.
  • Guard cages provide superior protection for the rig crew at all times during operation.
  • Quick release bolts allows change out of pipe seals in just a few minutes.
  • Seals are available for pipe sizes ranging from 6 5/8" through to 2 3/8".
  • Helps ensure a clean, mud free drill floor, minimizing risks of accident due to spillage.
Drilltech Group Specifications

LENGTH : 1.60 m
WEIGHT : 248Kg

Handling Basket
TARE WT : 650Kg
SWL WT : 350Kg
GROSS WT : 1000Kg
DIMENSIONS : 1.96 m X 1.21 m X 1.35 m